Be Open. Be Wild. Be Free.

Be Open. Be Wild. Be Free.


BAREGYAL is a series centered around the concept of female empowerment and gender awareness, utilizing a non-conformist and uncommon platform: a party! At the core of #BAREGYAL's philosophy is a movement that is bold, unprecedented, and unapologetic. The name is a nod to Toronto's vibrant Caribbean community. 

BAREGYAL serves as a platform to battle and break ties with the often wrongfully reinforced negative connotations surrounding all women, and particularly women of colour, from bullying to defaming sexuality in today's popular culture.

BAREGYAL offers up and highlighting some of the best female DJs and entertainers from around the world; dishing the best in various genres of trap, dancehall, soca, house, indie soul and old school classics, #BAREGYAL is committed to creating an unparalleled experience for all in attendance.


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